Why the Bookies ‘Cashout Feature’ is shit!

Recently the major bookies have been pushing a new ‘feature’. They gleefully boast about this being great value for us punters and how we can all make mad bank by using it!

The feature is the ‘cashout‘ option, it allows people who have created accumulators to cashout part the way through.

Let’s take a look at this example.



As you can see Bet365 is offering this guy $1,142.14 for the legs that have come in so far, but a simply calculation will show us that so far his coupon is worth $1,866.54, so if the guy cashes out now he will lose over $700 in value (around 33%). Not only do bookmakers have an edge over every single bet you make (around 15-20%) they will truly screw you over with the cashout option!

So what are your options??

If you are going to build a longshot accumulator what the hell are you doing cashing out in the 1st place? if you don’t want to take bug risks stop doing accumulators!!! stick to single/double/trebles.

Lay it off!

Signup for a betfair account and lay of the remaining results, this get’s tricky if you have more than one more game remaining.

Let it ride

It’s a gamble yes, but by giving in to the cashout option you are giving up tonnes of value.

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