Responsible Gambling – The best and worst

With such easy access to online gambling and millions of problem gamblers around the world it’s hugely important that sites implement a decent ‘responsible gambling’ facility. Whether this means an easy way of setting your own deposit limits or a button which instantly and permanently disables your betting account, it’s imperative that all sites implement a responsible gambling policy.

With many years gaming experience I have come across many sites that have great responsible gambling policies, and others which are not so good.

The Best

Mr Green give all players a great, easy to use interface (called ‘Green Gambling’) where you can set deposit limits, self exclusion limits, wagering limits, loss limits and a total self ban. You can also set a custom selfban period for any date in the future, a facility which few sites provide.

Sky Bet offer you the option to set deposit limits and to self exclude from specific parts of the site, for example if your a poker player but find you spew of winnings playing blackjack you can easily exclude yourself from the casino, minimum deposit limits start from just £5

Betfair allows you to set deposit limits by day/week/month of any amount you wish. You can also set loss limits by product and an instant self-exclusion for 6 months. When you raise your limits it will take a week to come in to effect, many bookies only delay it by 24 hours, 7 days seems a much more responsible time period for adjusting your deposit limits.

The worst

William Hill, as much as I like the William Hill site there self exclusion options leave a lot to be desired, if you want to go for a total self ban you need to go through customer supports live chat option, which can be humiliating if your a problem gambler, They do allow you to set your own deposit limits but the minimum you can set it is at £25 per day!  that’s around £750 per month!


Red Bet belongs on both the best and the worst category, they offer plenty of self-exclusion options but your deposit limits are based on net deposits so if you get a big win and withdraw it all you can deposit it all the next day and possibly loose it!
i.e. you have a £10 per day deposit limit per week, you deposit £10 on Monday and win £150 and withdraw it, the next day you can deposit that £150 and loose it all. In my opinion deposit limits should be exactly that and based on total deposits per week without taking in to account withdrawls.


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