Recommended Multiple for 12th Oct 2012

Today see’s another day of World Cup qualifiers, loads of fantastic international matches to choose from, England are playing San Marino which offers no value for a win bet but may increase winnings or large multiples.

Our selections for today may seem a bit of a long shot but if they come in will pay £220 for a £10 bet at BetDaq

  • Portugal (0) (16:00 Russia v Portugal (TV) – Asian Handicap (0))
  • Belgium (0) (19:30 Serbia v Belgium (TV) – Asian Handicap (0))
  • Hungary (-0/0.5) (19:30 Estonia v Hungary – Asian Handicap (+0/0.5))
  • Greece (19:45 Greece v Bosnia-Herzegovina (TV) – Match Odds)
  • Colombia (21:30 Colombia v Paraguay – Match Odds)

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