England Vs Brazil Preview

Roy Hudson’s England and Felipe Scolari’s Brazil are going to try to send a strong message to their competitors on coming World Cup 2014 qualifiers. Brazil is in London, doing last exercises for the match in Wembley Stadium on 6th February.
Hudson’s England lost the last international game against Sweden. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the main reason why England lost the game. Blaming Zlatan Ibrahimovic for the loss, didn’t decrease critics’ anger. Concerns and questions are increasing on England side. Is England going to be successful on World Cup 2014 qualifiers? Is Roy Hudson the right man for English national squad coach?
On the other side of the game, Brazil is going to be on their first national game after Felipe Scolari took over the national team. Brazil haven’t lose against England for over 20 years. Starting a new career with breaking a series like that wouldn’t increase support on Felipe Scolari and would put a higher pressure on him.
My first prediction is that Brazil is closer to win than England. It is said that beating Roy Hudson’s England is very hard nowadays. England is craving for a win against Brazil. Defeat against Sweden made Roy Hudson’s students hungry for a win. But it doesn’t mean that Brazil wants a win less than England. Brazilian players are looking for an oppurtunity to prove what they can do. Most players in Brazil squad need wins to build up confidence before World Cup 2014. England is not going to make things easier for Brazilians but I believe Felipe Scolari’s team has enough desire and quality to win this friendly match.
The last couple of years haven’t been great for Felipe Scolari. He couldn’t have great success as a football manager since World Cup 2002 but he is still a popular manager in Brazilian national team. He has proven on World Cup 2002 that he knows how to manage and lift up the spirit of Brazil national team. He already shown at last announcements that Brazil has enthusiasm and they are in the game. Felipe Scolari picked mostly experienced players for squad. It shows that he is being cautious and instead of giving chance to new players, he wants to win. As I have predicted, he will get the win he wants.
Ronaldinho may be the most important, key player of the match. After he left Barcelona FC, he has been trying to turn back to his golden days. Felipe Scolari has give him a chance to start to get his golden moments. Neymar is unknown to many football fans in England but he is one of the best players in Brazilian league. He haven’t had great games in national team but there is no doubt that he is a great player. These two players’ performance can bring victory to South America team.
England will play the game in Wembley Stadium in front of their own fans. As we all know, England has pretty fierced fans. With the help of the fans, England squad may show a great enthusiasm and win the game they are craving for.
There is one thing I know for sure that it will be a thrilling match whoever wins. Both teams want to win and will put their best games for it.

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