Dodgy Practices by the iPoker Network

iPoker is not my favorite poker network, for several reasons including very buggy software, but just today they sunk to a new low, iPoker were offering a ‘$2,000 added MTT’ which  sounds great right? what they fail to mention is the buyin is $1+$1, yep that’s 100% rake which ofcourse take away from the so called added value, with 1500 currently registered 1 hour before it’s due to kick of it looks like it will reach over 2,000 runners therefore taking away any added value so is it fair to call it a $2,000 added tournament??

iPoker also implemented similar tactics with their ‘January Sales’ tournaments, boasting a ‘Discount’ on their weekly guaranteed tournaments. So for example if a tournament usually had a buyin of $100 they offered a discount of 60% allowing you to buyin for $40, ofcoure they don’t make up the difference out of pocket for that $60 they simply added more players to the pool making it a bog standard MTT with absolutely no added value what so ever.

It’s a shame big bookies like Betfred and William Hill attach their name to this shady network.


** UPDATE **

The tournament got 2194  runners for a total buyin of $4388 and it paid out $4194 meaning iPoker made $194 with $0 added


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