2013 Australian Grand Prix Preview

The Australian Grand Prix is the most highly anticipated motor sports event in Melbourne (Australia) which witnesses a huge enthusiastic crowd at the venue. The race is held at Albert Park in the famous Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. This year the race commences from 16th March with high speculations being done by people regarding the outcomes of the races. The odds have staked up high as people are waiting with high anticipation to know whether Alonso would stand out as a seemingly tough contender by winning the race and adding it as his 4th consecutive win at the Australian Grand Prix against Vettel or would Vettel beat Alonso for the championship. Lewis Hamilton is also being speculated highly for his performance as he drives for his brand new Mercedes Team.
In the 2013 Driver’s Championship Predictions, Fernando Alonso holds the most chances (55.3%) for being crowned the winner in this category provided he maintains his performance in line with his 2012 F1 performance. If he is able to acquire a faster car, then his chances for winning are strengthened even more. Sebastian Vettel holds a 26.3% chance of securing the winning position and adding it as his 4th title win in his race career. His consistent performance in the previous races and his reputation for being a world champion makes him a strong contender against Alonso. A 10.5% chance exists for Jenson Button to come out as a winner in the races. Kimi Raikkonen has a 5.3% chance of getting a close win in this race. Felipe Massa has the least predicted possibility (2.6%) of coming out as a winner.

In the 2013 Constructor’s Championship Predictions, the Red Bull Team holds the maximum comparative chances for securing a winning position with 66.7% chances being estimated due to the use of strong strategy, determined drivers, excellent top of the line cars, minimum operational errors and flaws and consistent performance. Ferrari holds a decent chance (17.9%) of winning this segment. It almost won in this category but technical shortcomings led to lower rankings for this team. The team should focus on increasing and maintaining the stability of the cars and the technical support systems if they wish to win the coveted title this year. The McLaren Team holds a 10.3% chance of coming out over the top owing to their fast machines and state of the art technology. Lotus is expected to have a 5.1% chance of winning with speculations indicating that they have managed to build up their team to such a level which could prove to be leverage in bridging the gap between them and the Red Bull Team.

Romain Grosjean has a 35.9% chance of becoming the most improved driver of 2013 by living up to the expectations kept from him. Following close behind is Sergio Perez who holds a 20.5% chance of being crowned the most improved driver of the year. Felipe Massa is speculated to have a 10.3% chance for getting the title due to his improved speed turns. Valterri Botas and Nico Hulkenberg poses 7.7% chances each for being awarded this title. Both of these drivers are expected to perform as Rookies with stable runs and improved lap timings. Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, and Pastor Maldonado hold 5.1% chance each for being crowned as the most improved driver of the year.

Last but not the least, in the Most Improved Team 2013 category, Mercedes is expected to come up as a winner with speculations stating a 23.7% chance. Williams have two fast drivers on their side and this gives them an 18.4% chance of leading this segment. Sauber holds a 15.8% chance while Torro Rosso and Lotus have 13.2% chance owing to their stabilized line up along with technical upgrades being made on their machines.

All in all, the 2013 Australian Grand Prix is expected to kick start a horde of speculations and high adrenalin rushes among the spectators. All are eager to see who comes out on top and reigns as the Supreme Champion of the F1 race this year.

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